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Explore Sumpter - bed and breakfast in Oregon
Explore Snow - sumpter bed and breakfast


Explore Sumpter - bed and breakfast cabin
Explore Sumpter Snow Forest - weekend getaways in oregon

Gear up to explore all that Sumpter, Oregon has to offer. From train robberies to hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails, you'll find an adventure nearby.

Explore Sumpter Snow Forest - weekend getaways for couples

Things to Do in Sumpter

The Top Attractions to Visit in Sumpter 

Sumpter, Oregon, offers a variety of activities for visitors, especially those interested in history, outdoor recreation, and small-town charm. Here are some things to do in Sumpter:

Sumpter Valley Dredge Heritage

Explore the Sumpter Dredge, a historic gold dredge that operated in the early 20th century. The site provides insight into the region's gold mining past.

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ATV Riding

The area around Sumpter has ATV-friendly trails, providing an adventurous way to explore the scenic landscape.

Sumpter Valley Railroad

Experience a scenic train ride on the historic Sumpter Valley Railroad. The narrow-gauge railway offers a glimpse into the area's mining history and beautiful landscapes.

Sumpter Valley Museum - sumpter b&B

Sumpter Valley Museum

Learn more about the town's history at the Sumpter Municipal Museum, where exhibits showcase the region's mining heritage and local artifacts.

Phillips Lake

Enjoy outdoor activities at Phillips Lake, such as fishing, boating, kayaking, and swimming. The lake is known for its scenic beauty and opportunities for water recreation.

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